Solutions for long-term subsea observation

Why replace batteries when energy can be harvested from the ocean?

Power Harvesting

Supply power using energy from low-speed ocean currents to reduce cost.

Real-time Telemetry

Multiple communication modes ensure reliable, real-time data acquisition.

Sensor Integration

Reduce system overhead. Deploy multiple sensors on a single platform.

Seaformatics lets you do more!

Eliminate Battery Changes

Don't spend money changing batteries when you can harvest energy in the field.

Longer Deployments

Keep your instruments running for the duration of your project.

Real-Time Data

Retrieve your data anytime with our easy to use web interface.

More Sensors Onboard

Power all of your sensors. Dynamically distribute power based on need.

Higher Power Sensors

Camera, ADCPs, and other power intensive instruments are supported.

Multi-Sensor Data

Aggregate and log data from multiple devices. Process data in-situ.

Higher Sampling Rates

Don't compromise on sampling rates to increase time in field. Get all the data.

Eliminate Risk of Data Loss

Verify that equipment is operational and obtain data in real-time.

Acoustic Communications

Observe equipment while deployed and request historical data with bi-directional transmission. Reduce risk of network failure.